A Commitment To «Perfect Fit»

FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a continued celebration of women, their bodies, their stories and an inherent…

FORT MYERS, Fla., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a continued celebration of women, their bodies, their stories and an inherent brand promise to meet their needs, Chico’s FAS, Inc.’s intimate apparel brand, Soma® is thrilled to debut the Fall 2021 Everything We Do Starts With You campaign. The campaign will introduce a lineup of incredible women, including a 3-time cancer survivor with a double mastectomy, an autistic mom active in the neurodiversity movement, first responders, community leaders and more, through compelling visual and video content. Everything We Do Starts With You is an evergreen campaign that lives across Soma® marketing and social channels as a reminder of the brand’s unwavering dedication to delivering the literal and figurative «perfect fit» for their customer.

The Campaign

The second iteration of Everything We Do Starts with You features an empowered group of women who range from real-life heroes to heroic survivors, boundary breakers to female warriors. Cast via Zoom®, this campaign highlights each woman’s inspiring personal story and their respective bra needs based on their lifestyles, preferences and occupations.

Everything We Do Starts With You is a celebration of not only the female form in all its variations, but of the Soma brand ethos to design better bras for women, by women, and to offer an unparalleled bra shopping experience. Soma began as an intimate apparel brand that set out to combine quality, comfort, and innovation with purpose, so that women never have to compromise. Today, the brand has taken this commitment a step further by implementing an elaborate and extensive bra fit training program unlike any other in the industry.

«Through this campaign we wanted to give a behind the scenes look at the magic of what happens when a woman takes the time for herself to be expertly fit,» says Soma Creative Director Amy Deering, «Often, women don’t know their right size or understand which styles of bras will work best for their body and lifestyle. Once our bra fit experts have the chance to get our shopper in the perfect bra for them, it’s a huge unlock – they are comfortable, confident, joyful.  That’s what we want to show – and what all women want and deserve.»

Reflective of the Soma in-store experience, each woman in this campaign had the opportunity to meet with a Soma Bra Fit Expert to determine what style would work best for her, taking into account her hobbies, career and day-to-day movement. The brand captured a video of this process to document the bra-fitting experience, more commonly referred to at Soma as the Five Star Bra Fit™.

Using the patented Soma «fit tape» that streamlines the measuring process to collect all dimensions in one step, the brand has refined the art of the bra-fitting experience to make finding the perfect intimates match as effortless as possible. Soma even offers a thirty-second «express fitting» option for women on the go to deliver an accurate bra assessment in record time. Numbers aside, the Soma bra fit experience is rooted in the notion that the measurements of a woman’s body are simply a starting point. All Soma bra-fit experts are trained to not only evaluate empirical data, but to ask each customer how they want to feel in their bras for a customized purchasing experience that aims to empower and inspire confidence.

With thousands of Soma bra-fit experts, and cumulatively over 20,000 hours of dedicated training in this proprietary approach, Soma remains an industry leader through solution-driven design and demystified conversations around intimates.

Soma bras are carefully crafted and aimed at creating the perfect fit, constructed with unique solutions that eliminate the bra challenges women face every day. The brand is redefining bra construction using innovative materials to creatively address all customers’ needs and solving them unlike anyone else. Soma’s 90% bra fit satisfaction rating* speaks to the effort the brand puts into listening to the customer. 

«Our design process starts with talking to women about what is lacking in their current bra lineup. We’ve been doing this for 17 years now and it has provided us with our greatest challenges and greatest successes,» says Holly Wilson, Soma Vice President, Design. «This has been demonstrated many times over: the Enbliss bra, the answer to a wireless option that really supports; followed by the development of the Enbliss Luxe, a satin and silky version of its predecessor for a sexier look and feel; her desire for a smooth appearance without bulges or lines, which led to the Vanishing Back® bra. We continue to listen to women, embrace their struggles and apply innovation to create the most beautiful solutions. My team and I love it when we hear from these women that we have succeeded.»

Soma is encouraging all women to share their stories via social media – using #SomaStartsWithMe for a chance to be featured on Instagram at @SomaIntimates.

To learn more about Soma and this campaign, please visit www.soma.com.

*Based on customer bra fit experience surveys, conducted by an independent third party


Founded in 2004, Soma® has been focused on what women want and need from day one. Soma’s all-women-led design team has crafted bras and panties, pajamas and loungewear to make women feel both beautiful and confident. Now, there are over 250 boutiques and outlets nationwide, a monthly catalogue and 24/7 shopping at soma.com.  For more information, please visit us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook #SomaStartsWithMe.

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