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SAN DIEGO, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — «For me, operating this business is about cultivating the greatest possible customer experience,» said…

SAN DIEGO, April 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — «For me, operating this business is about cultivating the greatest possible customer experience,» said Axe Thro Co Founder Jimmy Rose.

During the height of COVID, capacity was extremely reduced and staffing was cut significantly, forcing Rose to take on most operations by himself.

«It was a necessary evil, but I don’t like gambling with the customer experience,» he said.

With restrictions continuing to lift countywide and customers coming in more regularly, he’s been able to hire additional staff.

«We’re at the point now where we need to look at how to best handle the demand, while readapting to new market and operational conditions,» he said.

With a refocus of onboarding and training new hires as axe throwing coaches and instructors, Rose said his expectations are high.

«The first thing I look for when I’m assessing the environment is whether or not people are sticking axes,» he said. «Then I notice the camaraderie between the coaches and clients. I also gauge the level of excitement that’s happening around me.»

The interview process includes a behavioral activity Rose uses to effectively weed out candidates that he doesn’t feel would appropriately represent his business. Applicants are also tested on what they’ve learned and how they teach others in a way that accurately, effectively and respectfully reflects the company’s mission.

«We teach them how to throw and do a role-reversal,» Rose said, adding they also look to attract employees with engaging and enthusiastic personalities.

While Rose said he likes to think of Axe Thro Co as an authoritative voice in the industry as far as knowledge and expertise, it’s also important their professionalism makes the customers feel special. The art of axe throwing is comprised of dozens of movement details built into each person’s body mechanics, including whether the person takes a step, bends the knee and how they grip the axe.

«It’s fun to watch people transform from passively watching to actively participating in sticking axes and becoming deeply enthralled and excited in the experience,» he said. «Our customized program teaches traditional axe throws to customers that the best in the world base their technique on, then we tweak it to each individual’s style.»

Regardless, Rose said there’s no lull in the Axe Thro Co experience.

«It’s high-paced and on point the whole time,» he said, adding that’s due to the company’s commitment to the sport itself. «The customer experience is embedded into who we are as a company. The idea is to send customers out raving.»

As far as sanitary protocols, Rose said the company continues to be hyper-focused on keeping the facility clean with strict social distancing and mask requirements, ensuring safety is the priority.

Axe Thro Co is open for business, so grab your friends and come stick an axe! To book a reservation or for other information visit: www.axethroco.com.

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