Nicaraguan Lawmaker: Sanctions Won’t Reverse People’s Decision

Nicaraguan Lawmaker: Sanctions Won’t Reverse People’s Decision

The sanctions imposed by the European Union and the U.S. on Nicaraguan government officials and relatives of President Daniel Ortega Saavedra will not change the sovereign decision of the majority of the Central American country’s inhabitants, which ratified the administration of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Deputy José Figueroa told Sputnik Agency on Tuesday.

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“Nicaragua ratified on November 7 (of 2021, election day) a path of self-determination, of sovereignty, of independence, of the right we Nicaraguans have to elect our own authorities, then no country, no government, no foreign organization will affect the decision made by the Nicaraguan people,” the Sandinista lawmaker explained.

On January 10, the day of Ortega’s inauguration, the administration of Joe Biden, through the Treasury Department, established sanctions against high-ranking Nicaraguan officials and military, in addition to restricting the visas of 116 people whom the U.S. points out as “undermining” democracy.

The sanctions only affect “property and interests in property” held by Nicaraguan officials in the U.S., as well as bank deposits.

“It is interference; it is disrespectful to our authorities to violate international law because they have no right, no authority to attack Nicaraguan citizens, to attack Nicaraguan nationals,” added the FSLN legislator.

For Figueroa, the “sanctions” are an extension of political and economic aggressions that the U.S. directed against Nicaragua in the ’80s of the last century by financing the counterrevolution that caused the death of 50,000 Nicaraguans.

In a new onslaught against the Sandinista government, the EU announced sanctions within its territory against seven government officials and three institutions on Monday.

“Today (Monday), the EU Council decided to impose restrictive measures on seven individuals and three additional entities in light of the deterioration of the situation in Nicaragua,” said the communiqué from the community bloc.

Among those sanctioned in the old continent is the president of the Supreme Electoral Council, Brenda Rocha.

“Imagine with what authority they dare to sanction a woman with the integrity, courage and heroism of Brenda Rocha; that gives you an idea that these people who establish these aggressions against Nicaragua do not have the slightest idea who they are sanctioning,” Deputy Figueroa stressed.

On Monday, Ortega condemned the sanctions, which he described as “brutal” when he recalled that Judge Rocha suffered at the age of 15 the armed attack of the contras, who murdered dozens of residents of a community in the municipality of Bonanza in the war of the 80s.

“Brenda Rocha, (I present them to you) today was decorated because the empire once raged against her, she is a victim of the war that the Yankee empire imposed on Nicaragua in the 80s (…) she lost her arm, but she did not lose her soul, her conscience, her fighting spirit and her love for Nicaragua”, highlighted the president in the inauguration ceremony at the Plaza de la Revolución.

As a result of the failed coup of 2018, the EU and the U.S. have imposed sanctions against officials and family members of Ortega, whom they accuse of violating the human rights of opponents, whom the Government points out as foreign agents and treason.

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