Viellis Going All In With S.E.C. Form Reg. D Offering And Biden Healthcare Technology Grants

PLANO, Texas, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viellis Group, Inc. has now achieved a level of transparency with its full…

PLANO, Texas, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Viellis Group, Inc. has now achieved a level of transparency with its full registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.)

The company’s EDGAR file, including its Form Reg. D, may be viewed at its EDGAR file, here: Viellis EDGAR File

A copy of the offering memorandum may be downloaded at the project website at

Company President, Syed Al-Refaie, said: «With the S.E.C. registration, the company is now able to focus its capital raising on its two core missions of raising capital for the full large scale rollout of Nova System, and raising capital so as to have the required cash on hand for the ‘cash match’ requirements of the health technology grants as contained in both of the Biden stimulus bills.»

Company Vice President, Nick Khan, said: «We placed an asking price for the common/voting/diluted Reg. D shares at $0.000005. We know that we are a new company, but with the opportunities that have become available, we believe that raising capital should be our priority at this time. With share prices so low, we know that this will increase the number of shares that can be resold under the restrictions of Rule 144 as soon as the investor makes the purchase.»

Please rely only on the electronic Form Reg. D and the offering memorandum for any and all information on the offering.

ABOUT VIELLIS GROUP, Inc.: The company is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Its full information may be viewed on the EDGAR link provided on this press release, and as contained in the offering memorandum, a copy of which can be downloaded at the link on this press release. For all other information about the company, please see the EDGAR file and the offering memorandum. 

Do not rely on any statements other than those on the electronic Form Reg. D, and as contained in the offering memorandum.

The company has retained the filer support services of OTC 251, Inc., to assist with processing the offering. Information and instructions concerning providing accreditation will be posted on the project website soon.

ABOUT OTC 251, INC.: OTC 251, Inc. is a filer support and fulfillment and OTC ticker acquisition and marketing company. The company limits its securities writings to JOBS Act offerings, and has had eight Reg. A+ offerings qualified by the S.E.C. The company writes, in addition, a number of JOBS Act Form Reg. D offerings. The company manages the offering for its customers, including providing informational data and up to date information on the offering, fulfillment, and JOBS Act-authorized marketing. The company’s filer support activities are within the definitions as set forth by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, for JOBS Act programs. The company is not a law firm, and has no lawyers on staff, and does not give legal advice. Customers rely on third-party vendors, including lawyers, accountants, CPAs, and marketing specialists, as vendors to their project. There are no persons in the OTC 251, Inc., company who are or were, or who aspire to be, brokers or broker/dealers. 


Issuer’s Representative: Syed Al-Refaie, President

Issuer’s Project Liaison: Nick Khan, Vice President 


OTC 251, Inc.

14 Wall Street 

20th floor 

New York, New York 10005 

Project Manager: Tony Ramos 

Project Technology Manager: Weston Willett 

Project eMail Address:  

Project Phone Number: 212-618-1210 

FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENT: The company makes this announcement strictly for informational purposes. As of this press release, the company is fully registered with the S.E.C. The company has filed its electronic Form Reg. D onto its EDGAR file. A copy of the offering memorandum may be downloaded from the company’s project website at  All information on the offering is contained solely in the EDGAR file and in the offering memorandum. Anything anywhere else, is not a part of the offering. Readers should review the offering memorandum, in order to view the significant risks associated with this offering.


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